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Image by Elena Joland
red line-ligne rouge is a Montreal-based wordsmith collective: six freelance editors/translators/writers at your disposal, either individually or as a team of your making.

We are not afraid to tango with your dangling participles.



red line‒ligne rouge was founded in 2016 by a team of literary scholars with a shared mission: to support writers, researchers, journals, presses, and businesses in their quest for clean, coherent text – be it research articles, grant applications, journal issues, monographs, fictional works, marketing materials, or website copy.


The collective allows us to work together at what is often a solitary profession, to share resources, experience, and training with one another as well as with clients.


Each of us has been schooled – for more years than we care to count – in critical and creative writing. We are doctors of letters and language adventurists.



English to French

French to English


Structural or Substantive Editing

  • Reorganizing material to achieve a coherent structure

Stylistic Editing

  • Improving word choice, sentence and paragraph construction, to more effectively convey meaning

  • Ensuring that transitions between sentences and between paragraphs are smooth and support the coherent development of the text as a whole.

Copy Editing

  • Correcting typographical errors

  • Correcting errors in grammar and syntax

  • Correcting errors and inconsistencies in punctuation

  • Correcting errors in word usage

  • Canadian or American spelling

  • Checking for consistency in style or formatting placement of headings/subheadings tables, figures, and lists notes, references, and bibliographies (MLA, APA, or Chicago)


Supporting research activities in the form of grant writing, fact checking documents.


Producing an alphabetical list of names and places and/or subjects and concepts, etc., that appear in a work.


Our rates are determined on a per-case basis, depending on the length and complexity of the project as well as the deadline(s).


Our editing fees are generally calculated as an hourly rate; or occasionally as a flat project fee.


Our translation fees are calculated per word, while indexing is determined by number of pages.


Send us a description of your project and we will provide you with an estimate.

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